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Design Build Turnkey Concept

The Turnkey Concept is an ingenious approach to design and construction that aims to provide a complete, hassle-free journey for clients. With a single point of contact for all their needs, clients can enjoy a seamless experience from approval to execution, with all the necessary title verifications, patta application, documentation, and building plans permits taken care of.

One key aspect of the turnkey concept is the inclusion of a design+build model of which spatial planning is an inherent module. This ensures that the final product is tailored to suit every individual client thereby making it cost-effective and budget-friendly.

The Turnkey Concept also boasts an accelerated schedule and on-time execution thanks to the complete construction project planning and management carried out by a single team. This reduces construction complexities and miscommunications between various professionals, resulting in better coordination, timely delivery and proper account and budgeting of materials utilized.


The Turnkey Concept also prides itself on its dedication to customer satisfaction, with a team of experienced designers and engineers continuously working to deliver on a promise of top-notch engineering and construction. This includes the use of high-quality construction materials and a dedicated labour force, all backed by a decade of experience in execution of design build contracts.


Overall, the Turnkey Concept offers a cost-effective and budget-friendly way of construction, with reduced rework expenses and cost overshoots, and a better quality of service. Its single point responsibility and collaborative planning approach ensure a smooth, hassle-free experience for clients, while its design+build approach and on-time delivery make it a highly sought-after choice in the construction industry. 

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