Plan Your Dream Home

Plan Your Dream Home

Here’s What You Must Know Before You Plan YOUR NEXT DREAM HOME

There are numerous factors which govern a person’s choice of a residence but they are predominantly influenced by his social and economic standing. The Chennai Metropolitan and Development Authority (CMDA) in the its “Combined Development and Building Rules, 2019” has increased the Floor Space index (FSI) from 1.5 to 2.0 resulting in a vertical growth of the city over the next decade. With most builders providing almost similar basic specifications, it becomes difficult for an end user to make a smart choice.

While the legal opinion is a must there are other checklists which a buyer needs to understand if the price tag fits within his budget. Hence in order to demystify this we suggest four major aspects which a flat buyer should evaluate before he makes a sound decision to invest his lifetime earnings.


01. Distance from your place of work
02. Good residential neighborhood with Green Cover (Trees)
03. Distance of Schools, Hospitals, markets, shopping, banks, petrol bunks etc in vicinity
04. Available of portable groundwater
05. Distance from your place of worship and other social gathering
06. Distance of the property from areas of recreation like Malls, Theatres, Beach etc


01. Approved and Regulated Development. In case of Chennai it is CMDA and RERA
02. Time Period of Completion
03. Basic lifestyle Amenities
04. Car- parking Facilities
05. Security and Access Control
06. Fire safety Regulations
07. Ease of movement with sufficient lifts and stairs
08. Rain water And solar power Harvesting


01. Net Price per sq. ft of actual Carpet Area, in comparison with similar projects in vicinity.
02. Percentage of Carpet Area on the Built-up Area offered
03. Undivided share of Land (UDS) being offered
04. Any other charges such Infrastructure, Legal, Documentation and Departmental.
05. Resale-ability with good returns in case of change of mind
06. Monthly Maintenance charge and Corpus Fund agreed


01. Proper Ventilation
02. Effective Space Utilization
03. Placement of Bathroom and Kitchen as per Religious laws
04. Sufficient space for utility services such as Washing, Cloths drying etc
05. Appropriate Planning of furniture layout
06. Proper planning for AC unit’s placement and drainage

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